6670 2gb GDDR3 or 6670 1 gb GDDR5?

hey all I am building a budget gaming/work pc built around a phenom II 970. It looks like the 6670 card is the best card I can get for the money situation at the moment. I have found cards similarly priced but one has more memory with GDDR3 but the other has less memory with GDDR5. which will preform better? Also, if neither of these cards are really worth the money let me know. I could possibly grab a 650 for $100, but I would rather not if I dont have to. 



not worth it unless its very minor gaming and that card would never use 2gb of vram, a 7770 would be a good option, you can pick it up for around 100 pounds in the uk, not sure what it would be where you are though

in america. I will see if I can spend a little more for a 7770. maybe i can find a refurbished one for cheap