660ti vs 7950

Alrighty my friend wants me to reccomend him a video card in the 200 to 350 price range. I've said either the 660ti for 300 or the Radeon HD 7950 for 330, which one is better performance wise? He's not doing video rendering just pure gaming so, what would be better for my money, or well his.



Not to sure if its still relevent with the speed of things these days but im having to make this choice currently as im upgrading in the next week or so.

My choice is the 660Ti (although in fairness i personally prefer Nvidia)


7950 by far now, it used to be close at stock, but with the new drivers (10-20% perf increase) and you can pretty easily take a 7950 to 1100mhz and the memory from 1250 to 1500, and Oc'd itll beat GTX 670's in some games