660ti sli vs 680 vs 7970

I need help deciding on which gpu configuration to run with in my new gaming build.   

660ti sli Pros: Highest performance in gaming out of these 3 options. About 20% higher than that of a 680.

660ti sli Cons: Sli configuration problems with games that only support one GPU. Higher noise and heat. $600    

680 Pros: Single GPU. No sli configuration problems. Coolest, quietest, and most power efficient option.

680 Cons: Lowest performance out of these options. $500

7970 Pros: Single GPU. Equivilet performance to the 680 for $100 less. Cheapest option at $400.

7970 Cons: High heat, noise, and power draw on 1 GPU. No room for CF down the road.


So let me know your thoughts on which solution would be the best for a high end gaming pc. You can find my pc's other specs on my profile.

I would probably just go with the 7970 for now. But really when do you plan on buying a new card? Usually unless you're planning on buying a new card pretty much right away it's not really worth it to wait a few months and then add another card. The 7970 will run everything that you have on your profile at very playable framerates and by the time that that card starts to show it's age the next series will probably be out and you can just upgrade to a better card for almost as much as you would pay for another 7970.