660ti SLI OC - need help

finally im in the SLI guild, but i need help OC'ing this setup. When it was just my MSI 660ti PE i had it OC'd to the moon. but now that i got the second card (660ti EVGA FTW edition), the OC i had was too much for them to run together. Can some one point me in the right direction? If you have an OC'd 660ti set up please help. I have both MSI afterburner and EVGA persicion x.

I have the EVGA as my first card, and the MSI as my second card, let me know if i should switch them around. Not sure if there is a benifit in either card being the first card.

.im getting around 60-70 fps on BF4 on "ultra", and 80-100fps with "high settings". is this good?

Crysis 3 im getting around 60-70fps steady with settings on "very high".  is this good?

pc specs:

CPU: Intel 3570k (OC'd to 4.2 GHz)

RAM: 16 gigs @1600mhz

Mobo : z77a-g45- SLi board

PSU :850 watt 80plus gold

case fans - 4 ct , Hyper 212 cpu cooler

these were the specs i was running on my MSI when it was alone, too much of an OC?

bump, still need some help :(

660ti sux

thanks dude, looks like you have a laptop from 1998. Do you have windows 98? or 98 SE?