660 vs 7870

And which one would you guys reccomend for the money?



7870 is more bang for the buck

+1 for the 7870

But, the 7950 is the same price and even better then the 7870

depends on what your gonna be doing.

The 7870 can render more pixels per second, meaning that you can run a higher antialising setting then the 660, meaning games will look better.
but the 660 has CUDA, which can accelerate Adobe products.

so are you Gaming? or are you using photoshop/after effects?

CUDA only makes a difference in Photoshop with certain plug-ins....

it's suppose to work with all of CS6, but unless you're gonna be doing a lot of work in it, I'd say its not worth it.

point in case- I made the same decision on my build. I'm gonna be gaming on my computer, and for what little graphics design I do, I use GIMP, not Photoshop. and GIMP is OpenCL, not CUDA. So I got the 7870 over the 660. where as my mother- a professional photographer who uses adobe CS6- got the 660, along with a very noticeable boost in render speed.

so- as I said, 7870 for gaming. it has better pixel and identical textel rate as the 660, and slightly higher memory bandwidth.

If your a professional photographer who goes through a hundreds of gigs of images a month? 660.


The 7870 has similar speeds as 660,but has higher memory bandwith. So go with the 7870.

heyy...a small question here....would it be possible to place the backplate from the asus 680 or 670 on the ASUS 660 NON-TI???...bcs asus is using the same pcb on their 660 non-ti as the 670 and 680...


thnx =)