660 vs. 650 ti boost; how large is the performance difference?

I have been having a hard time finding benchmarks of the two on comparable hardware, and I don't want to pay $50 extra for a 660 if the difference is under 10 fps in most games.

I think these benchmarks are old, but it gives some indication that the differences between the two cards is substantial


FYI they have a new set of benchmarks for the newer cards under "GPU 2013"

I'd go with the Ti Boost.  Same clock speeds, same ROPs, only difference is that the 660 has more texture units. I think both are Kepler. 

Check this out as well. Linus recommends you go with the lowest of the high end cards instead of a customized mid range card.

Based on the Linus video, I would get the 660. Looking at the FPS levels, it isn't a large margin. However, the 660 is closer to my satisfactory level of performance and the gaming experience expected with that. I guess it depends on your own wants and needs.

If you concider overclocking, I would say the Sapphire HD 7870 xt is the best to go. The 7900 series chips for a little up price. In my opinion the best price/value, if nvidia or amd doesn't matter to you ofcourse.

Is there any way to account for the difference between the anandtech benchmarks and Linus's benchmarks?

Linus will be more up to date according to the video upload date, in comparison to the results I posted.

However, the last time I checked anandtech, they had not included the 650ti and 660 on their 2013 bench. Here are the updated anandtech benchmarks for 2013:


Sorry for the confusion

I think it's fair to say that it's not even close to worth the price difference. The 660 is a better card, but not by very much.  

Well, at this point, i'm not any better off than before I created this thread. Linus's benchmarks say the 660 is not worth the extra $30, the anandtech benchmarks say it is.Which ones should I belive?

Honesty, what I would say is this.  If you have around $200 - $210 to spend, get the 660.  It's a great card (and have one and it max's everything except Crysis 3 and Metro) and well worth the price IMO.  However, if you don't yet have the money, or would rather invest the $40 you'd save by going with the Ti BOOST, then go with the Ti BOOST.  It's not too much slower, so I'd say it's still a very worthy card.

It is about what you can afford, at the end of the day. Every card has a small performance increase over a lesser card. And as you go up in tiers, the cards seem to get a worse price to performance rating. Like the 7950 is almost the same performance at the '70. However, it is $100 cheaper.

You should get the best card you can afford, if you want to max games. If you aren't interested in maxing games, get the lesser card.

Thanks for the info.