660 Ti SLI downclock

I recently installed a 2nd gtx 660 ti to my rig and everything seems to be working properly, except my 2nd card is stuck at 324 mhz all the time. When it's idle and when i'm gaming, i'm stuck at that clock speed. Help please!


i5 3570 (non k)

asus p8z77-v lk

msi gtx 660 ti (1st card)

asus gtx 660 ti (2nd card)

evga 750w 80+ bronze

It's generally not recommended to crossfire different brand cards due to the companies have their own specs that they follow. I made that same mistake when I tried crossfiring a HIS 4870 card with XFX 4870 a few years ago. I had too many problems, artifacts, incorrect textures, restarts, sometimes it wouldn't even work at all. Both cards were fine individually, but when crossfired, everything would go haywire.

I'm not saying that the same thing is going on with your setup, but it's something you should consider.

did you enable sli in the nvidia control panel? and have the sli bridge on? also what game are you testing it on some games do not use multi gpu's