660 Ti for 3D applications?

I have a 660 Ti in my system, and have stopped gaming recently. I've been doing some mind numbing research and have found in a few places that there are minimal differences between Quadro and GeForce cards, mainly that GeForce is clocked higher and optimized for performance as far as frame rates and things like that and Quadro is clocked lower and optimized for reliability and less artifacts and so on. So basically my question is, where can I find drivers to use a 660 Ti with all of its CUDA power for applications like NukeX, AutoCAD and Maya? This would just be a hobby, so if the drivers don't exist I'm not gonna drop the money on a K5000. Thanks for any help!


The graphics cards are really similar, but it really comes down to processing power for conventional use. I have a friend who is a cad profesional.. he teaches, designs, and used to sell autocad as a vendor. Anyway, He had the k5000 series, but when kepler came out he went with a 680 sli setup becaue it was more processing power (particularly for rendering) and was cheaper. This wasnt really the case with previous generations, but this latest generation of GPU's is good.

There aren't any drivers or soldering you can do like you could with some cards 8 years ago though... But it will work great with your card. You won't see any practical improvements with the k series cards than with the geforce cards. The k series cards are designed to hold massive 3d projects and often have a lot more vram.

If you found your system going slower than you would like, try getting a 4gb model of a gtx card, but track your vram usage to see if you really need it or not.


There is  a massive service differntial. With CUDA programming they will help you wout with a quadra. I worked at a place with tesla k20's in there modeling rigs and they actually wrote whole sections of code for us (but we spent $200k a year on k20s). If an nvidea account manager knows you, service is insane. If you have a commercial card, they will at least work with you to learn. a 660ti, you are on your own.

Garry has a good point. If you ever wanted to take your hobby to a perfessional level.. and started to make money from it. Then the K series might be worth it, but as a side job/hobbyist... probably better just to stick with gtx series.. just track your vram incase you need more.

The 660TI is completely fine tobe honest a lot of architects don't even know what a workstation is and are still able to do moderate projects like houses and industry stuff.. you will be fine, if you are going to go for crazier stuff you would have the money to back up the expense of a quadro or similar card anyway, I don't see anything amateur, or even for most professional uses, in which you would exceed your card capabilities.