660 SLI/Power Cosumption Question

I've got an EVGA 660 SuperClocked in a rig I built last year, and I had a couple SLI related questions.

Will this 750W SeaSonic PSU be able to handle It in SLI along with the rest of my components?

Will I need more connectors, power cables, or should the ones that come with the card / PSU be sufficent? I just don't want it to arrive and then realize I need to buy an extra cable.

Here's the full build to reference If need be: CASEPSU / CPUCPU FAN / HDD1 / HDD2 / SSD / RAM / MOBO / GPU

Also, since I may look silly referencing my whole build, what exactly should I be looking at when I have questions regarding power consumption? Are there things to ignore? Like, I don't really know how much consumption RAM draws or the Hard Drives.

(PS: Since people seem to have ignored the 660, most Google search results in 660 Ti Q&A)



750W seasonic gold psu, is more then enough, for a GTX660 sli.

you can power 2 GTX780´s on that. ☺