650ti vs 660

Alright i've just recently upgraded from my old pc (full out mobo n cpu switch) from stuff like the E6700 to the FX8350.

Now my question is which should i get as a gpu the 650ti or the 660? one is approx 150 and the other is 190ish (can't remember exact prices) but i am getting this as of next week. Now I was aiming for a 78xx series but there is none from where I am located. Normally i'd just order it online but Canada computers suck and Newegg doesn't believe my address. And yes i do live in Canada. 

Games I'm currently playing are planetside 2, Tera Online and SC2 HOTS and Diablo3. More than likely I'll be expanding my computer gaming as I've only noticed that pc gaming is so much more entertaining.


No seriously they carry bretty much everything and shipping is usually like 5$ or if you live near a store you can go pick it up

Also they're probably the cheapest of all Computer stores to buy from.

660 is a lot faster,


Simply put, the 650 is more of a casual gamer card, 


-taken from http://www.videocardcomparisons.com/reviews/nvidia-geforce-nomenclature-explained/

Alright cool. If I was going to SLI the 660 in few months time (when I have some extra money to spend on parts again) would it be safe to say I can use those for about 2 years? And yes my mobo does support a x16/x16 SLI. I already have a 750psu Corsair 80+ bronze. I am aware that I'll probably need a better psu when i do get the next (2nd)card though

Your PSU is more than enough to power 2 660's if you go that route in the future. Look into getting a single high end card in the future. In a few months time the 670/680/7950/7970 should drop in price. You should look into obtaining one of these instead of and extra 660 and a new PSU.

Thanks for the advice! I wanted to go 7870 but limitations with having kids

I was thinking of going one high end card at the start because I came from switching console to pc. I didn't think anything of pc graphics before because I only had a 9800GT card and recently a friend gave me an HD7750, Then i saw a huge difference and now here I am.

But if I wanted to go high end card i'd have to switch out all mobo and everything because my pc which was and old intel E6700, mobo only supported X16 @ 1.1. So then I grabbed an AMD FX chip and all the basics but wasn't sure on the gpu. I was on budget of 600 when I bought the parts. I knew I had enough for a decent gpu in the following weeks.

While the HD 7750 would hold until I found someplace that had any decent gpu's. All in all best I could find local gpu's is either the 650TI or the 660, I'd buy from online but first post explains it.