650 ti boost vs 7850 for gaming and editing

I wanted to know wich is the better card for gaming and editing. The games and programs that I will be using are:-

games-WITHOUT AA IN 1080P

bf3,far cry3, crysis 3,bioshock infinite


vegas pro 12,adobe after effects CS5 and photoshp


650 Ti BOOST, because it has CUDA which will speed up rendering in After Effects by quite a bit.  Also very fast for gaming as well.  Not quite as fast as the 7850, but still plenty fast.  BF3, Far Cry 3, and Bioshock should max out fine, Crysis 3 is another story.

From what i am reading, the 7850 is beating out the 650 ti boost in every aspect. The 7850 is a whole tier above th 650 Ti boost.  Now if your editing software is specifically designed for Cuda, then maybe the 650 is the way to go, but if not, then I would say definately the 7850.

The 650 ti boost is a better bang for the buck on games, but it doesnt perform as well as the 7850. If you can scrounge a little more money over another month or so, I would say go for a 660. Then you will have it all.

the 7850 is better from what i've read on the interwebs.... it's A LOT better than the 650 ti boost in open GL applications such as maya, plus adobe is going to support AMD on its next app (probably the CS7). the 650 ti boost will work great on CS6 though.... plus if you're planning on playing BF4, i'd probably go for the 7850 if i were you, and overclock it yourself (an OCed 7850 is faster than a 660). if not, get a factory OCed one...


If you need cuda cores buy the 650ti boost if not the hd 7850 (get a 2gb vershon of the card)

There have been a lot of reviews and a lot of them show the gtx 650 ti boost beating the hd 7850 by 2-5% so i would go with the gtx 650 ti boost. http://www.hardwarecanucks.com/forum/hardware-canucks-reviews/60372-nvidia-gtx-650-ti-boost-2gb-review-11.html


I agree with you, but by the same thinking, you could OC a gtx 660 and beat the 7850. The GTX 660 and the 7850 both overclock well with a good airflow case too.


clock per clock, the 7000 series is better than Nvidia's GTX 600 series.