64gb RAM rec's for total stability of 3600mhz at SAFE temps/V on AORUS Master Ryzen 3950x?

Seeking input from folks with first hand experience accomplishing 3600mhz, max 1.35v, on AORUS Master or boards with similar stats. I am fine with tuning with DRAM Calculator but the less the manual tuning, the better. I’m ok with paying more for the RAM that can accomplish this. I love the aesthetics of the G.Skill Royal.

My requirements:

  • Stability/errors: Absolutely critical that the config is 100% stable (match stability of sticks’ base config)
  • Freq: 3600mhz
  • Max DRAM Voltage Setting: 1.35
  • Ideal Timings or Below: 16-16-16-39
  • RGB: Preferably yes
  • Manual Tuning: Less the better

If you want 3600 and 16-16-16-39 or better then that limits your choice down to Samsung B-die ICs as nothing else will do a tRCD that low at that speed.
And Samsung B-die is rather heat sensitive so if you’re sure that you can keep them under 50°C all the time then you’re fine otherwise you may need to switch to a different one and take a little hit with timings like Micron Rev. E (Micron E-Die), which can go to 16-18-18-38 on 3600.
If you want Micron E-die and don’t care about price then find something from Crucial with the speed and timings you like.

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