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64GB RAM config for 2970wx

I am looking to build a 2970wx system and here are the main specs that I have chosen:
ASUS X399E- Gaming (or) Zenith Extreme Alpha
GeForce 2080 Super

I get confused a lot when it comes to RAM speeds and CL timings, etc.
I am looking to put in 64GB of memory (preferably RGB), but I am not sure what configuration and CL timings to get.
Should i go with 16x4 or 8x8 ? What speeds and CL timings are good for those?
i tried visiting the QVL for the mobo, but I am not getting a definitive answer.

Please help me out tech gurus!

I think you’ll want 16x4 dual rank since the cpu has 4 memory channels.

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X2 on this.

No need to over think it. Are you planning to push some crazy overclock or just running stock?

For my TR 2950x I just bought an off the shelf Corsair 64gb rgb kit, 3200 MHz. I turned on XMP in the bios and that’s it.


Hello Gordonthree!

Thanks for your reply.
I am not planning on any crazy overclock. My basic need is to do a lot of 3D rendering which heavily rely on multi core processors. That’s the reason for the build.

Could you tell me which corsair kit you got in specific(model number and timings) and what x399 board do you use?


I don’t overclock at all. The only timing I looked at was the clock speed.

CORSAIR Vengeance RGB Pro 64GB (4 x 16GB) 288-Pin DDR4 SDRAM DDR4 3200 (PC4 25600) Desktop Memory Model CMW64GX4M4C3200C16W

My motherboard is the Gigabyte Designare EX x399.

It’s running 3200 MHz on the ram no problems.

Thanks. I have checked and have two options available.

What do you think is a better buy?
3000 with C15 or 3200 with C16.

Which ever costs less I guess? I don’t know enough about ram timing to give you any more input than that.

Alright. Thanks again! You’ve been of great help.

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In the past, I have found that smaller sticks of RAM are more trustworthy for pushing the limits of speed. I have also found that pushing those limits don’t have much value in overall system performance beyond being able to tell your limited set of friends or forums that you achieved an unachievable RAM speed…which doesn’t make your system any faster either. Additionally, 32gb is about the most any desktop or gaming PC could ever use with current hardware…getting twice that is just a waste of money. YMMV, so if you got tons of dough…spend away!

Having too much RAM is actually a hindrance in some cases. For example, the server I just shipped to a customer. It had 384gb of ecc. One may think that is awesome, and in the case of this customer it is required in their server…but each boot up took about 5 minutes because the system must check every bit of that RAM during POST. Having too much RAM can make it take longer for your system to boot…and it doesn’t make your system any better.

I’ve haven’t noticed the amount of ram slowing down a desktop boot, at least since the 90s.

For a server, who cares if the boot is slow. That’s why you schedule maintenance windows and have redundant systems. Should try timing an IBM iSeries boot, talk about slow! But they only need to reboot every few years so meh.

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Servers boot slowly. Having more PCIe devices makes boot up take longer.
RAM though?


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