6300 OC or i5 3570k

hey so i have two builds that are similarly priced one has a i5 3570k that i wouldnt overclock. the other has a 6300 that i would overclock (the price difference goes into a asus sabertooth). which one should i choose expecially since we might be seeing games optimized for 6 cores in the future. 

Why wouldn't you OC a 3570k?

i5 all the way and it is more upgradeable with a good mobo


It really depends on what you want to spend. The 3570k is a great processor with a good overclocking head room. The 6300 is also a good processor with a good overclocking head room but not a efficent as the 3570k. So really it comes down to what you want to do with it and how much you want to pay.

This thread should be 8350 or 3570k. Also when it comes to overclocking who can get pretty far on a cheap after market air cooler. For example I have a 4.5ghz oc on my I7 2700k with a hyper 212 evo that never touches 70c with good thermal compound. The cores run between 50-60c on full load depending on my room temperature. I personally woud go with the 8350 because it is more future proof in my opinion because the next generation console games will be optimized for Amd and 4+ cores.