6300 Build v. 8350 Build

Before you rip into me i know that the 8350 is considered to be the better processor. having said that what would you recommend the 6300 with a 7950 or an 8350 with a 7870?

I would go for a 8350 and a 7870xt.

I have the FX 6350, with the ASUS 7870, and it's amazing, it can deliver what you want. Played BF3, Skyrim, Farcry, all at least in high to ultra. Mainly utra. With good FPS 30+. You're call though.


The 7870 is a good card but I'd opt for the 6300 and 7950. I don't see what advantage the extra two cores gives you in gaming, and so would surmise we would see a higher bump in performance from the better GPU. 

I agree with blackdog. In a gaming PC, the GPU is the most important component. It will add more to your experience in this case.

in the short term i'd get the better gpu

but in the long term a high end cpu will generally be considered a good cpu longer than a high end gpu

a high end sandy bridge (lets call it 2 gen old) is still pretty good, a high end 5000 series is a piece of crap

Thanks Guys. another question could i get away witha 600 watt power supply with some minor overclocks?


"Can I OC w/a 600w PSU?". As long as your PSU is of good quality.

+1 to the 6300 w/7950! There will be better CPU's out this year and when/if you need a CPU upgrade, you can do it with newer/faster tech!

So get the 8350 an the 7870 But mind you.That 7870 does NOT do that processor justice.The 7870 would be considered bottlenecking the performance.But if thats all you can get for now.Go for it.