600W psu enough for R9 290?

I am planning to upgrade with Sapphire R9 290 Vapor-X. Will my  XIgmatec Tauro 600W bronze psu handle the system ??

"eXtreme Power Supply Calculator Lite" calculated minimum 460W, recommended 510W and Sapphire site writes "750 Watt Power Supply is required". Some advice please 

sys spec:

mobo: MSI GD- 65, cpu: FX 6300 (oc 3.8 GHz, 4.4 GHz max turbo), 2x4Gb Vengeance Pro cl 9  1600 (want to add 2 more modules), 2x hd, 1x ssd, Sound Blaster X-fi Elite Pro (PCI), TP LINK 150Mbit-WLAN (PCIe), 4x 120mm case fan, no optical drive.

your power supply will be enough. Just answered similar question in another thread. Watch this video. These companies recommend having much higher power supplies than what you actually need for "worst case scenario" situations (and even then you will have headroom). Because nobody wants to get stuck with, hey don't buy that graphics card, they recommended that 400 watts was enough, and my cheap chinese power supply fried after a week, sort of deal.


You'd probably be ok. They usually recommend higher wattage than necessary because they don't know what else your system may include. You may have 4 HDD's, 8 fans, a 240mm AIO cooler with 4 fans, etc, etc.


After this video, i'll keep the 600W and test it for a while, if it goes too hot i eventually buy 700W but doubt it. Maxing out my rig with r9 270 1055Mhz for 1h doesn't even make exhausted air warm as body temp, it's damn cold (bottom intake)

i wouldnt use that power supply with that setup that power supply has decent power just not where you need it only 36amps on the 12 rails and that you would be pushing the the limit of that power supply. i woulndnt  risk you build with $50 psu 

I think you're right, i need min 48A and did not check my psu which really is 36...(not my pic though)

any thoughts on XFX ProSeries P1-850X-XXB9  ?  Just found a great deal and it's 70A on 12V rails

XFX and Seasonic make the best quality PSUs in the business