600hz plasma tv only 60fps? question

i want to know why is it that when i am gaming with vsync on the max fps is 60 i mean it should really go up to 600fps since I am using a 42 " tv with 600hz right?

Nope. That 600hz is marketing bullshit. With plasma screens the pixels are not constantly lit, they are pulsed, in your case 10 times per frame. The TVs refresh rate, i.e how many frames it can display per second, is 60hz, each pixel lights up 10 times per frame, lets call it 600hz and sell TVs!

Okay, let me start by saying the refresh rate of the TV means little to nothing, yes it could give you smoother game play, but if your card can only display with 60 fps, the tv with refresh at 600Hz still but the card only runs the game at 60 fps.  That tv is excellent for gaming on a console or something that relies more on the display but even then, if you don't have hardware to support the frame-rate in the first place, your display is not going to boost that. If that's to confusing let me know, Its really early in the morning right now but that's basically all there is to it.

I think that's more or less the nature of vsync

It has nothing to do with vsync, or how fast your graphics card is. There is no such thing as a 600hz TV, it is a manipulative marketing term that means nothing. It describes how often the pixels are lit per second, not the refresh rate of the display. 



he asked why the frames max out at 60, the refresh rate really has nothing to do with what the framerate does, just because my monitor happens to be displaying 60 frames doesn't mean that 200 frames weren't made (just using myself and counterstrike as an example), it has everything to do with vsync, vsync is what is limiting the framerate to 60fps, this is to get rid of visual errors caused when turning 200 frames to 60 frames (the dominant refresh rate)

the question was why are only 60 frames being drawn, the answer is vsync

The question was why are there only 60 fps on a 600hz TV, I know how vsync works. If he turns vsync off he will get a higher frame rate but the TV is still 60hz and will only display 60 frames per second. The refresh rate has everything to do with what frame rate vsync locks you to, that's the point of vsync. It locks you to a frame rate that fits in an even ratio with the refresh rate. If the tv could display 600hz then vsync could lock him to 100 or 150 or whatever, but it locks him to 60, because it's a 60hz TV.

Tv's aren't monitors. They aren't made to push high fps since content on tv and movies never go that high. Also they don't  act as monitors hooked up to computers because they do there own processing. They'll play movies and normal computing fine but games will have huge imput lag compared to monitors. 

Some 'smart' TV's might act weird but most TV's work fine for gaming. I've been using a TV for gaming and I haven't noticed any significant input lag. The biggest issue I have with using TV's for gaming is that you're limited to 60hz, even 120hz TV's will only accept a 60hz input. Although, I'd love to be proven wrong about that. 

I've always thought that 600hz was just a typo for 60