$6000 total dream build

If you could have $6,000 total for a new computer, complete with peripherals and everything, what would you choose? http://pcpartpicker.com/p/N9r1 here is exactly what I would do.

3960X, RIVE, Titan 2-way SLI, Seasonix Platinum 860W, 2x Samsung 840 Pro 512GB in RAID 0, phase changer for the 3960X, all on a custom aluminum test bench, running on a 30" Dell 2560x1600. Custom sleeving from MDPC-X, too.

I'd drop 2k and keep 4k because even if I dropped all 6, I wouldnt use it to the fullest potental, it would be like buyin a lambo for a daily commute

Man, with a budget like that bang for buck is no longer existent.


Most I'd ever see myself ever wanting lol.

Looking at the price of the Essence STX on your build I had no idea i paid that much for it hahaha. I guess I'll go through with my plan of selling it after all. 

Get just about whatever you want, then liquid cool it. I like EK waterblocks for their appearance and the effectiveness of the parts with Mayhems coolant because it is awesome.


Then build it based off this. Don't really care which case you choose, you should have enough of a budget for that to not really matter too much. Also, drop the AIO unit and a HDD to save money if it does matter. Also, EK makes RAM adapter kits so that you can pop off the existing heat spreaders and attach those and connect your RAM to the EK RAM waterblock and connect that into the loop. Just make sure that you consider a case with lots of cooling options. So take a look at Frozencpu.com for some ideas.