$600 upgrade

Hey guys, 

Going to be upgrading from an q6600 quad core intel and gtx 650, was wondering what you guys would recommend.  I already have an awesome case, power supply, mechanical hard drive... Should I just do Cpu, Motherboard, Ram, and Video... or drop in an SSD instead of video card and keep the gtx 650?

Thanks for all the help.... so excited to start ordering... :-)  Budget is around $600


Mostly for gaming.. Skyrim, etc....

This would be a great upgrade :) http://pcpartpicker.com/p/3jfyk

That is awesome...thanks so much...so bypass the ssd and get a way better gpu.. :-)   Sounds awesome...


i would get the m5a99x evo and sapphire r9 280 instead (not the x)

I agree with that while the 7870 are good cards for 1080p they are in danger of falling into the low level budget class. For a new purchase consider 280 280x 290 290x maybe 760? 770 780.

I'd skip out on the SSD. That's just me, but I'm holding out until they become almost as affordable as hdd's are right now, of course, if I had the dough things would be different, but I'm not that concerned with hard drive speed right now. You could grab a $100 mobo of your choice, maybe an i5 or 8350($170-$220) 8GB ram is around $60-$100, so you'd have $270-$180 to work with. If you are on the higher end of those numbers, then grab a 760, lower end, shoot for a 270x, 7870, or 660ti. 

Just get a GTX 780Ti and be done with it. Overclock the CPU a bit, and you will be fine.

It would bottleneck a bit I'd imagine. I'm sure it would be best if the OP just upgraded everything, and waited till later to upgrade GPU again. If he is only gaming at 1080p, a 760 paired with an i5 or 8xxx would be more than sufficient.