$600 Steam Box/HTPC/SFF gaming PC

The title pretty much explains it all. I have approximately $600 (could go a hair over) to put towards a living room Steam Box/HTPC/SFF gaming machine. I was originally thinking of going Kaveri and crossfiring an R7 card, but after performance numbers came out that route isn't looking all too appealing. What I do know is that I want to build an m-ITX machine with onboard wifi and I want to make it as small as I can. So, what are y'alls thoughts? Hit me with some parts lists!



Intel is the way to go for Mini-ITX buiids.  You had just enough in your budget to squeeze out an i5 and have enough left for a decent dedicated GPU:


Intel is not necessarily the way to go with HTPC builds. Especially if the case is too small to fit a GPU, then Kaveri is the way to go. Not necessarily the top-end 7850K but the low-power A8-7600 (because it delivers much better performance per dollar than the 7850k). But since that APU isn't even available yet and there is enough in this budget to build something substantially beefier... I'd suggest something like this:



+1 this is my vote