< $600 Piledriver Gaming setup

I'm trying to build a gaming PC with the new FX 8350 with a budget of $600, or less. I could stretch a bit though, if it's necessary. For the GPU I'm planning to use the 7850, but if others could recommend better ones with similar price that'd be great. Or should I wait a few more months for the GTX 700's and Radeon 8000's to come out?


p.s.: OS, fans, accesories, and PSU are out of the question here

I dont think you can fit a 8350 into a 600$ budget if youre going for a gaming rig.

Would it do if i put another 100?

You could use the 6300, it'll work perfectly fine.

what's the rest of the build's gonna be? I'm still looking for the right mobo. I got my eyes on the MSI 970-G46 though. Also, should i get 1600 MHz RAM or spend some extra on the 1888 MHz?

You could go with AMD APU's... Get Trinity and for 600$ I think you can get a build that can play Battlefield 3 1080p 60fps Ultra details if you overclock it a bit, CPU is overclockable... APU I think also and GPU surely. I am not really sure if there is Radeon HD 6670 2Gb GDDR5...

Anyway you can later upgrade it to "Richland" APU's, most of models will be 40% faster than their "Trinity" counterparts/predecessors... While top of the line will be 20 to 25% faster, so if you get A10 5800k and decide to upgrade it to A10 6800k you will have 20 to 25% faster CPU/APU and have greater performance since your APU will be 8660D GPU and use an 7xxx series for Dual Graphics. It will destroy an i5 for sure and be cheaper than it. It will spend about 100Watts, 150 when on full load... 165 max. Hey its cheap but dont expect something efficient as Intel that put higher price than it worths...

AMD is the choice in most parts.

Just get 1600MHz, unless there's 1866 for like the same price. Unless you're using an APU there's really no difference. An APU may be a better route to take, by setup you meant what? If you meant monitor and tower, you can still do 975BE with a 7770.


an FX6300 would be the way to keep a solid system under 600... another option would be an APU like someone above me posted.  The FX + discrete 7xxx card would outclass the APU pretty badly..  So keep that in mind.  However, at the $600 mark you probably could put a discrete GPU on board the APU and an SSD.  not sure... either way it can be done.

1886mhz isn't that much more. At least the prices I've seen the past few months.

He could later sell his APU and GPU and get a better APU that will be released next month and an 7xxx GPU that is compatible for Hybrid CrossfireX for "Richland" lineup... I think you would run almost all games made before 2012 at 1080p30-60fpsMaxedOut with A10 6800k CPU/APU 8660D and Radeon HD 7670(or better since its known that it will have a wider range of cards to chosse for HCX)..

If you can currently run Crysis 3 Open Beta MP at 1080p35-40fpsLow, with updated one you would run it at 1080p60+fpsLow or 720p 30 or even 60 fps Low-Medium details probavly...

I wouldnt recommend an apu. Go for a 6300. It's possible to build something decent for 600 dollars that's fx based.


Toast... Hmmm... Its rare to see to play Battlefield 3 1080p60fpsUltra with an 600$ gaming rig... Anyway "Richland" CPU/APU is out next month, March 19. AMD A10 6800k will be 20 to 25% faster than A10 5800k because it will have a bit higher clocks and an Radeon HD 8660D APU. It can really be comparable with an i5 3570k with same Radeon HD 7670 GPU and even beat the i5 3570 because of dual graphics GPU or aka Hybrid Crossfire X.

Here is my build: http://pcpartpicker.com/p/Dk36 - under 600$, I think its perfect... It has usb 3.0 mini atx case, you will save up some space...