£600 pc

Need to upgrade PC.

Trying to go cheap and upgrade down the road. £600 is the total budget and will not require OS or peripherals, just the tower of which does not need to look good.

The case - Needs to be cheap but fit components with room for cable management.

AMD is the better bang for buck CPU but not sure about GPU, weather or not AMD's API Mantle is a ground-breaker, so pick either AMD or Nvidia.

Thanks in advance.


Good build. My suggestions:

Buy this RAM instead.


It is considerably cheaper and you get two sticks so you can take advantage of dual channel. 

Other than that it looks good.

IDK if I'd go with that SSD though. There have been reports of the V300s shipping with crappy second hand reject flash that is slow and unreliable. I'd either skip it or go with a Samsung 840 Evo. I also prefer WD HDDs. The WD Blue is very good. 

You might want to invest in a new CPU cooler as well. The stock AMD ones are meh. The Hyper 212 Evo is very good.