$600 PC: Help?

Okay, so I have always recognized the superiority of PC's, but I've never actually had the initiative to make one, so I just stuck to Playstation. Now that I'm getting more into PC gaming, I want to make a gaming PC, but I'm honestly clueless as to what parts work well with eachother. I understand how to actually put a computer together, but I'm clueless about what will work the best together.

That being said, I want to make a $600 PC, purely for gaming. I just need help picking out the parts. I'm not including the accessories (monitor, keyboard, mouse, etc.) in the budget; the $600 is for the case, CPU, Graphics Card, Hard Drive, Processor, Motherboard, RAM, Power Supply, and everything like that. I'm not sure if this would change anything, but I love playing MMO's a bit more than single-player games. I like both, but I tend to spend a lot more time playing MMO's. 

Help would be greatly appreciated! :)

That's what I would go with if I were you! http://pcpartpicker.com/p/17uuu

That says theres a compatibility issue. :O 

yeah that nzxt case does not have front usb 3.0.

i made this as a base build: http://pcpartpicker.com/p/17wGe

i think this would be  good for gaming you can allways decide to buy an aftermarket cpu cooler later, and  an gpu upgrade. but this should be capable to play most new games on mid settings very well

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