£600 Mini ITX/M-ATX Build

Alright, instead of getting a laptop im going to get a PC. Yay. As it needs to be M-ATX or Mini ITX i have guessed Intel will be the best solution. 

I want the best performance for my money. I need a keyboard, speakers, 16gb usb stick, wireless adapter and a monitor. That has all been put into the custom section. Also all the components have to be from Scan as i trust them and i have a £50 voucher. 


This is what i have come up with. An ITX build would be much better but Scan dont have any Haswell ITX motherboards and i dont if it would be worth it to get Ivy. 

Thanks and please reply soon.

If i were you, i would get this http://uk.pcpartpicker.com/p/2r3cM

i changed every vendor to scan, and spend the little extra cash for slightly better CPU, also i changed the 270X to a 270, because you can OC the 270, to be faster than the 270X, because they are the same GPU, but the X is just OC'd

the rest of the build looks ok to me :)

have a great time building it :)

Ok thanks. I cant believe i missed the XFX one.