$600 Gaming PC

Hello Tek Syndicate. I need to build a gaming PC for $600. I will be playing 3D games on a 1440x900 monitor. Some of the games I will be playing require Windows, so do not tell me to use Linux. I will be running Windows 10 Home once it is released. Can you recommend the most effective, efficient, and price/performance computer?

Do you care about the size? ATX or ITX?

You don't need a very strong GPU for that resolution, I'm assuming you'll be upgrading that next, though that can be worked into the budget fairly easily.

And then what country, US?

And do you need a mouse/keyboard/audio set up?

I would prefer ATX but ITX is an option if necessary. Yes, I'm planning on upgrading to a 1080p monitor later on. Please don't include it in the build though. I'm in U.S. i don't need a mouse/keyboard/audio setup

this was hard as hell to do. but this is is in my opinion the best you're going to get with $600 bucks. in reality it went over by 20 bucks if you don't do the mail-in-rebates. but here it is. an awesome ITX Machine.


Well here's my suggestion then, 860k+280, with a nice case, goes a bit over without mail in rebates, but just feel free to remove the SSD.

As far as your future monitor upgrade goes you might as well make the jump to a 1440p korean monitor. They can be had for as low as 200.

I meant to specify ATX instead of ITX. Sorry to break your heart, but I had a change of heart.

then what about mATX?

cause there is this..

i somehow managed to get a 1440p card onto a 600 dollar PC budget. MIND you that's if you once again go through the mail-in-rebate.

Please no retarded cases. I would like a normal tower.

Naw dude, you want the HAF XB, it has nice airflow and hot swap bays. it's also fairly easy to work in.

http://pcpartpicker.com/p/9dJJQ7 - $600 after just a few of mail-in-rebates

I said I needed Windows 10 in my topic header. That costs $119. I only have $600 to spend. So, please take into account Windows 10.

Yes, and I will have no where to put it since it is not a tower. I think I can find a cheaper case that is a tower.

Well sure there's plenty but they aren't as nice, I'd suggest the N200, but it's Micro ATX.

And there are plenty of other ways to get windows.

Yes there are other methods, but I will take the legal route.

Said you would be running Windows 10, not that you needed an OS to be included in your build.

Ok, fine. I need Windows 10 included. $119. Some cheapo optical drive, too.

the ultimate budget 1080p machine with Windows 10 Included.


http://pcpartpicker.com/p/FhdydC - lowest I would go. (no mail-ins either)

Made my own list based on y'all suggestions, and Logan's video. I am buying a Windows key from mskeystore.com, to save a few pennies. http://pcpartpicker.com/p/D6gvt6

You may as well save some money and go for the 280 over the 280x

And are you really going to trust that site? Like if you're going to go that route you as well pirate it.