600$ Gaming PC

Hey everyone. I was here a couple of months back trying build a gaming pc that'll be able to play new games and old games and possibly the ones in the near future.

I'm going to use it only for gaming and nothing more to be honest. It doesn't have to be a beast of a machine, but one able to play most PC games on standard or a little above it. I'm not looking for 120fps! (I know its an exaggeration, but I'm a simple dude happy with 60fps on a really good resolution)

I want to get the parts through newegg.

Size doesn't really matter. I just want it to not over heat or be as loud as my old 360. For example, I will play with the volume around a 23 on a 50 scale to block out the loud ass machine.

I can get an OS from my university for dirt cheap (like 45$) so its not needed and have a tv/monitor deal with an old keyboard.

I'm familiar with pc's but never built one, but I've been watching vids and learning.

600 is the max budget but if you can get a rig for lower I will be very happy.

Thanks ahead of time guys.

Well, I got Amazon + Newegg.  If you really want all newegg, I can try to change it for you.


I'm more inclined to have stuff from newegg, but if I could get the price lower I can compromise.

Cheaper case, but still similar price and performance.


The machine looks good. The only thing i would change/add is the case... You can either change the case with one with any dust filters, cause this one has none, or you can just buy a few fan filters.