600$ Gaming PC including monitor and Windows 7

It's a PC with a Intel Pentium G860=64.99

MSI H61M-DGS (G3)=49.98

Corsair 4 GB DDR3 Memory=22.98

Seagate Barrucuda 500GB=57.99

Sapphire Radeon 7770 Pre OC=106.97

Fractal Core 1000 case=39.99

Corsair CX430 PSU= 24.99


Acer G215HvBbd monitor= 99.99

Windows 7=89.98



Total=580.84 (including mail-in rebates)

This build is pretty much Jackfrags Steam Box.



get this ram instead, looks good otherwise



also consider this case but yours isnt bad


and steal windows 7. id just do an apu at that point if you really need w7.

oh ok, well this was the build that i had just ordered. lololol. thanks for your recommendations though.

This is kinda place where you post a build and we revise it and help you, make sure you say you just ordered it next time haha!


ok i'll be sure to do that next time :D. i still have to help out my brother with his build so yeah. i posted this build on reddit, it had some positive feedback, but yeah thanks for your guy's feedback :D.