$600 gaming pc finished


I would like to thank everybody on the forums for helping me build this pc.

And the people who helped me in my multitude of threads:








I am very grateful for the time you people put out in assisting me and all the knowledge you have given me. I couldn't have done this without your help ^_^

Picture of the PC and parts of my assembly of it:



Nice, welcome to the asylum. Defiantly be sure to check out all all the great F2P games out there, like Tribes: Ascend, and Planetside 2. Also, check out the humble bundle for some great indie games, and GOG.com for the classics like System Shock 2, as well as some indie games, and even the occasional DRM free triple-A.

Also, if you're looking for things to do with your new PC other than game, Consider installing Linux (other than Ubuntu) on it. If you pick a good distro and don't fuck up while installing it, you will have a extremely fast, incredibly secure OS for web browsing and indie gaming installed alongside Windows.

Lastly, if you're looking for people to game with,I'm Armypig on Steam.


Thanks for the warm welcome. I'm currently drowned in school work and have 2 tests tomorrow, but soon, I should be able to have some free time. May I ask what is distro and why is ubuntu bad?

LOL, I think we have the same keyboard.

Got it from a friend :) Pumped all my money into the computer itsself

I'm gonna do almost the same thing for my upcoming $400 build( it's a tide-me-over build). Getting a 6950 2GB( and then unlocking it to a 6970) :))


We have practically the same build. I opted for the FX-6350 instead and then waited for a watercooler to go on sale (which happened last week or so with the Seidon 120M) so now I'll see how far over 4 ghz I can get.