£600 Gaming PC - can you guys help me?

Hello! I have at least £600 to spend on a new PC! All I really want it for are Euro Struck Simulator, Minecraft, and Planet Side.

Any ideas are greately appreciated!

**You're welcome, signed, the Super Jesus Ninja Mod**


Budget? And what games do you wish to play? Do you require OS and a monitor?

I am willing to spen at least £600 on a pc all I really want it is for euro struck simulator minecraft and planet side any ideas?

Yep. That is totally possible. However, I need more information. Do you need a copy of windows? Do you need a display?

yes will need monitor and yes will need windows

That will seriousy cut into the quality of the PC.


This is an ok build. If you're not overclocking, I would recommend the FX6300 processor, instead of the Phenom.

That's a tiny southbridge heatsink.

BUT Phenom is good I use it and other people use it too! In fact that pc is better than mine.

It's cheap. There is a Gigabyte board that's a little more, but it might be worth a look.

I struggle with many AMD mobos, if I am honest. So much more to get right. Can't complain too much, when you're on a budget.

The 6300 is better, though.

An i7 920 is still good, but a modern CPU will have more power per hZ, lower power consumption, and native support of USB 3.0, PCIe 3.0, and such (not PCIe 3.0 in the 6300's case, though.)


Probably the better option, from MSI

The Phenom has more physical cores, is cheaper in the UK, and overclocks like a champ.

Gaming starts with the Phenom. Especially if you're concerned with Minecraft.

I did mention to get the FX6300 if OP is not overclocking.

Hey brennanriddell since you just said that AMD mobo don't have PCIe 3.0 would it make a diffrence If amd mobo's had  PCIe 3.0?

Where in the uk are you? if your local to me i just took a FX6100 out of my rig i was going to sell off cheap 

No, it wouldn't, because even the top-of-the-line AMD FX-8350 doesn't have native hardware support for PCIe 3.0; none of the AMD chips we currently have do.

But if it had would it make ANY difference in gaming?

If the chips themselves' and the motherboards, supported PCIe 3.0, then you would have double the graphics bandwidth, which with modern cards equates to only a few FPS more in favor of 3.0.

Omg I have no idea on what every one is talking about