$600 Gaming/Editing PC

I am building a pc soon, and am looking at parts lists. I need it to be within budget, include an os, and be fast. I am tired of how slow my 2005 pc is. The most I will be using this for is internet browsing and video editing, with a little gaming on the side. I would like a flashy case, but I won't be able to fit it into the build. How does this look?

Here is what you can buy for 550 bucks.


This looks great, though get windows 7 in can.... As windows 8 is poop!

Hmm, what was in your first post isn't showing up for me. Have another link?

I have tried on a different internet line and it is still not showing up. Did you not put the whole link in there?

Recommendations on your build. 

  1. Change ram from 1 x 8 to 2 x 4 to take advantage of dual channel memory.
  2. Also lower it's cas latency. Something around 8 since you mentioned editting.
  3. Should consider changing the motherboard to the newer 900s series chipset. 990fx or 970. They are the only ones that support SLI by nvidia. Still depends if it says it does on the motherboard though.
  4. That ssd is worthless. Find the newer version of it. Always click the link to newegg on ssds and confirm they have a 500+ read write speed.

The rest is fine. Leave out the cpu fan use stock if you need to lower the cost and dont plan to overclock.

Do you have an idea of a parts list to try to fit that stuff in that price range? I can do without the ssd. I was wanting something fast but I will be fine with just the hdd until later on when I can afford to add a ssd.

Looks like it is only the 990 fx boards and not the 970s that support SLI. The 990 start at 120 which won't fit in the budget. 


The board is 970 so it has SATA III 6 gb/s ports on it for when you do get an ssd. The old one didnt.

When you upgrade the gpu, you can only pick nvidia single card options.

I'll see if there is anything more upgradable in the price range

I don't see much else to switch besides just picking cheaper brands. Maybe someone else has some ideas.

This looks good! The only game I play on pc as of now (a 12 year old simulator) runs on a 650ti at 120fps, so the 650 will work fine for a while. If I do wan't to sli, I can spend some money and upgrade the board and get a more powerful gpu.

bump to see if anyone has any other ideas

Try looking into a 7770, they are around your price point but with better preformance to a 650.

If I got the 7770, I would have to get win 7 (which I prefer win 8) because the simulator I play, due to its age, has driver issues with amd cards and uefi mobo's and will not play. NVIDIA cards, however, have no problem. Otherwise, I would get a 7770.

This is my post....

Look up 550 dollar gaming build rtw. logan did it :)


The 650 gtx is a great single card. I built my friends machine with one of those able to max out any game at 1080p

720p or 1080p?

http://pcpartpicker.com/p/1xZX6 Came up with this, think it will be all around better for the price. What do you guys think?

what ever you get use windows 7. Its the only OS thats supports trim. Window 8 doesn't