600 dollar AMD rig for youtube and gaming

Hello, this is actually my second post, I originally was wanting an i7 which is just ridiculous, but i want to be a little more realistic, I want an 8 core CPU, Im gonna be overclocking too so I can get by with just an 8320, but requirements are

8 Core CPU

Hyper 212 EVO

Black NZXT Phantom 410

Overclockable motherboard

The rest is just up to you for what you would do for a gaming rig/video rendering rig for $600

I would get a 7770 for your gaming needs or if you can squeeze in a 7870 or 7850 that will be good to. For the cpu, fx 6300 is good or 8320 is good to. For the motherboard, asus M5A97 is overclockable and is quite nice. 


Unless you dont need a video card at $600 you wants are unrealistic

this is a good option if you need a video card