$600-$800 Pure Gaming build for a friend

A good friend of mine is currently playing games on a 5yo laptop. When he saw my computer hae asked if i could build him something simelar for about $600-$800. The main problem I'm having is finding places that will ship to Australia but still have decent prices for decent parts. Suggested rigs should be optomised for gaming, as thats what it will almost always be used for. Any help will be much appreciated. :)


I live in Australia. I get all my parts from PCCaseGear and ARC. They are Aus sellers based in AUS.

Do you want me to piece together a build for you in that budget range?


they ship australia wide.

What state are you in champ. As mentioned above. PCCG is boss.

Here in WA - PLE Computers, & Netplus are great to buy from and ship anywhere.

Also Mwave isn't bad, they're a bit cheaper than PCCG, also i tend to find they have better specials. There are a couple of reviews that say their shipping is dodgy, but I bought a few things off them in the past and it wasn't bad (not a whole computer though). 


pccg list.

A tiny bit over budget but it will be great for gaming. Im sure someone will say go with a budget amd system. But intel chip are better performance per core, more energy efficient. You could swap out to a 3570k and lose out on the SSD, i wouldnt go this route simply as ssds are pretty much essential in any new build i personally think.

7870 or 660 is within the budgets range. chose the 7870 simply because chances are you will get great overclocking performance out of them.

PSU chosen is great value for money atm as well.

Best of luck mate. Im off to watch the latest Game of Thrones...

QLD but aus wide shipping will work fine thanks for the help will ask him about it now :)

Also does anybody know where you could get some compression fittings near hervey bay qld because everywhere I've seen the shipping costs more that the parts

Nvm got some barbs off an old pump.