$600-700 multi-task general use computer for my mother (tower only)

I am not very tech-savvy but i know how to build a pc, can someone give me some advice on good value motherboards/ram/power supply/case at this price point?

The PC will be used to multi-tasking, CPU/RAM are priorities (gpu is not important)

Is it worth getting a small ssd for the operating system?

Windows 8 or Windows 7?

If you could suggest items off http://www.ple.com.au/, it would be a great help but pcpartpicker will work aswell.


it starts up under 30 seconds, it plays 1080p youtube and netflix and facebook, it uses under 60w of power, your mom will love it

that PSU is over kill but it was the Cheapest qaulity PSU I could find, the system draws like under 60w so even a 200w PSU would be fine if you can find one cheaper that is XFX, Superflower, Cosair, or Seasonic, any micro-ATX case will do, I choose that mobo because it supports 2133Mhz which will make her applications snappy, She will never ever EVER run out of ram, HD2500 will be more than enough for what she will be doing, though if you can find a place that sells a i3 3220 (the one with HD 4000) get that instead


stick with windows 7 until windows 9 comes out, windows has a pattern, every other OS sucks hardcore

Thanks man, really appreciate it.


no problem, HD 4000 beats the Nvidia 610 in benchmarks and have no problem playing minecraft or HD content, the thing is easy on the electric bill too