€60 smartphone (belgium)

like what the title suggests, i'm looking for a €60 smartphone. While i understand i wont be getting something high-end (or mid-range either) its what the budget is.

The reason for a €60 smartphone is quite easy:

My parents own a small company, and ever since the appearance of mobile phones it has been a habit the people who are on the road for the company the most get a mobile phone. the budget per phone has always been the same, and sadly, the phones have stayed the same as well. My parents came to that realisation when they offered an employee a "standard" mobile phone, and the employee said he didnt even want to be seen with it.

So my parents asked me if i could pick a new phone for them to offer to employees. The idea is quite simple:

the phone must have a touch screen, be able to make calls, send texts, make pictures, sync with outlook.

optional, but nice addons would be: able to set wallpaper, ringtones for groups, look better than a brick.

budget: €60 (can be stretched to €80 if needed)

thanks in advance.

Buy in Germany, it's much cheaper than Belgium. There's plenty of choice, Huawei has the Ascend Y330 for instance, which is under 80 € and is a really nice phone with a lot of custom community firmware upgrades available for a better and safer Google-less experience. I've seen the Y330 at Mediamarkt in Germany for 49 €. There is so much competition right now in Germany, that you need to go to a store to get the good deals. They practically pay you extra to convince you to get certain phones. In Belgium, the market is closed and everything is very expensive.

Since you will be buying more than 1 phone, maybe contact a carrier (proximus, base ...) or mediamarkt/krefel to ask if they have company/bulk discounts.

while i'm pretty sure buying in germany isnt an option, the ascend Y330 seems like a good deal, from the first google result (i'm lazy like that) it seems to be cheaper than anything i've found so far.

I have heard good things about huawei before, so it might be the best (safest) bet.

big thanks for your answer.