60% mechanical keyboard

Hey guys

I want to upgrade my keyboard to a mechanical one. I would like it to be a 60%, I just love the portability.
I was looking for the vortex pok3r III on massdrop, I really like the way it looks and it seems to have good reviews.
Do you have any suggestion?

I think ducky is the standard, there's also some 40% keyboards

Ducky also has a few neat features, dunno about that one.

I know that the ducky mini is an excellent keyboard, but I don't like all the surrounding "bezel" it kinda looses the point of being a 60% keyboard

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well, I think those are your only 2 options really, I don't know of any other 60%s.

I looked into 60% keyboards with the "standard" Pok3r layout, my biggest problem with them is the lack of dedicated arrow (directional) keys. It is quite annoying to use a Fn key with another group of keys just to get arrow keys functionality.

There are some "non-standard" 60% layouts that have the extra keys, but they're not as sexy as a Pok3r.

You can go with ten key less design and have almost the same size...
Something like Rapoo V500 for 50$ for example...

Corsair k65 in RGB or standard variants :)

I think Corsair RGB keyboards are overpriced pieces of... stuff. Go on Massdrop and get a Pok3r or CODE.

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Another contender... Rapoo KX Wireless

I'm not concerned with the arrow keys. I'll check the rapoo kx but it already looks too thick for me

Happy Hacking makes a really nice 60%

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I'm not a fan of how big the case is on the ducky.

kb paradise makes dual color led 60% keyboards. they also make ones with gateron(cherry clones with smother travel) and matias switches(alps).

There are also Filco Manila boards, but harder to find some times.

Despite the lack here there are a large variety of 60% these days, or at minimum enough to fill any need and esoteric want in a mech.

This is a good site for keyboards. Keep an eye on incoming and just arrived for some nice keyboards.

edit forgot the link

only 60% mechanical? Would you like the rest of 40% to be non-mechanical?


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I have tried 3 different 60% boards so far.

The Filco MiniLa w/ bluetooth is a good option and has dedicated arrow keys.
-no backlight
-difficult to find a full replacement keyset

My personal favorite the Happy Hacking KB Pro2 (very usable arrow cluster)
-no backlight, I'd recommend white printed caps to start but you can always get a new set of blanks later
-it can also be converted to bluetooth w/ a little DIY fun

Royal Kludge makes a 60% that is cheap and backlit but it has a few issues..
-lacks arrow cluster

Of course the Pok3r, Ducky Mini, and Input.club infinity are good options as well. And share a standard layout that makes it easy to replace the caps in the future.

EDIT: Leopold FC660m and FC660c are also interesting boards with dedicated arrow keys. Unfortunately the spacebar uses non standard stabilizer spacing and can be a pain to replace after it starts to get shiny.

Try HappyHacking keyboards. They are expensive but I have heard good things about their keyboards.

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Almost a year ago i got the Leopold FC660M with dysub printed PBT key-caps.
The one i got had light grey key-caps with even lighter white printing on it.
And it was pad printed and not dysub as promised.
The sellers name was Qtang well known and active on keyboard sites like Geekhack and so forth.
So after i placed my order i realised that the key-caps were awful, in a panic i ordered a second key-cap set that was a bit better..But the total cost went way up...

Here a summary with $ prices and € prices at that time;

  • Keycaps $50 €38,51
  • Leopold FC6600 27-07-2014 $154 €118,34
  • Customs and DHL Bulshit €47,59

  • Totaal €204 That's well over $240

As i was a newbie when it came to keyboards i knew nothing about printing on key-caps and so forth..That's why i feel like Qtang pulled a quick one on me ...And way way overcharged me.

Here is the store url by the way;

Second keyboard i got was the KUL ES-87 also with mx-clears.
The build quality seemed ok and they feel a bit lighter then the Leopold FC660M also with mx-clears.
(kind of strange two of the same cherry switches but one feels lighter)..

If i compare the KUL with the Leopold than construction wise the KUL drops the ball.
i experience a ping noise that is quite irritating.
So much that i have contacted KUL and they have agreed to exchange it..
(story is still on going). When i get a new one , i think i will just check the contents and sell the KUL of as a new keyboard.
Aldo i like the feel of the lighter cherry mx-clears..

Also i got two sets of double-shot vortex PBT key-caps from massdrop.
And put them on my KUL and my Leopold. And sum o-rings i got from china (aliexpress)

The PBT key-caps are awsome and feel great..They are a bit higher then the Leopold stock or second set i got from Qtang.
They are so called “OEM profile” i never knew there were even different size of key-caps, ah well you live and you learn...

Yesterday i tried out the Leopold FC660C with topre switches..
And comparing them with the CM-Storm Nova Touch TKL i tried out for a second in a store..
I’m blown away !! the Leopold FC660C is one that i really want to have..
But i’m in the proces of looking around for one that is well priced..And don’t want to make the same mistake as my first Leopold..

The CM-Storm Nova Touch TKL really felt awful the only use i would have for it would be to disassemble it and try to use the key-cap stems
on a better Topre Switch keyboard like the Leopold or the Realforce 87U or the HapyHacking Keyboard..

My recommendation if your looking for a compact keyboard..
Than skip the 60% or 40% boards..

These are a couple of keyboards i tried at home for a couple of weeks.

  • Vortex KBT Race 2 75%
  • Vortex KBT Pure Pro 60%
  • Vortex Poker2 60%
  • Ducky shine 3 80%

and a couple of Ducky full size keyboards..

I really have to say that going bigger than 80% or TKL is something i won’t recommend.
You could even buy a mechanical num pad if you like to use one sometimes..And they aren’t that expensive..

If KUL manages to iron out sum internal build quality quirks i would consider them to be the better choice for a TKL board.
The problem with KUL is the manner in which they chose to mount the metal plate to the pcb.
Ducky uses screws and washers and so on..This makes the construction less sensitive to resonance and vibrations..

If you want to go less then 80% i would recommend Leopold the arrow keys are just so nice.
And you can remap the insert key to any key you want...Just holding the FN key and the arrow keys gives you page/down.
And home/end.. And more..

I love the Poker 2 And if i could live without the arrow keys! Then i would definitely get the Poker3.
The newer Poker3 has an aluminium case that usually goes for $100 and they managed to keep the price the same as the Poker2.
Of course a couple of resellers want you to believe the new poker3 is more expensive ..

I would stay away from the Ducky shine and other Vortex 60% and 75% crap.. i really dislike small shift key’s to accommodate
arrow keys and so forth.. A smaller spacebar is something i can live with..and it’s PBT it’s less prone to shine.

As mentioned i’m trying to get the Leopold FC660C with Topre switches.
Perhaps someone can help me get one without having to pay 21% and 11% extra..Because that would even make the Happy Hacking Keyboard
on amazon Germany cheaper..!!

I will post my experince with it when i have it..
A friend of mine is going to Taiwan perhaps he could help me..I know i know Leopold is Korean ...Alas i don’t know anyone from there..

Perhaps Qtang could help me get one.. As i really feel he needs to make up for the awful service i got last time.

Would it not be awesome if you could buy our keyboards from Epic-pants store..

Take care..

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I got the pok3r from massdrop. It just looks like a good keyboard overall and was sexy as hell