6 iPad 3 Screen Eyefinity

So since seeing the PC that Wendel built with the iPad screen on the lamp arm I have been thinking about it. I would love to do one myself and with the supplied information it does not seem that hard at all. But if something is worth a hypothetical it I worth overdoing a hypothetical.

So the iPad 3 has a screen resolution of 2048x1536 across a 9.7 inch screen at an aspect ration of 4:3. By itself it is too small for a full size PC to be of much use other than as an information screen. But what if you had say 6 of them?

Set up in a 3x2 eyefinity display it would be a 6144x3072 display across a 31.14 inch (28.2x13.2) screen with an aspect ratio of 2.00 it would suitable if a little odd to game on size wise.

Now here is what I am really wondering. That is 6 display ports and beyond 4k resolution. We have to be looking at the likes of 3 R9 290X's right, just to push the pixels? And while a PC would probably accept the resolution for a desktop environment, would it require any cajoling to get it to work? Most importantly would games be capable of displaying on this, there would have to be some editing some to config files and probably more again for some games to even stand a chance of displaying correctly, and if so would the pixel count and aspect ratio cause any advsrse effects.


On the construction end of things it seems pretty straight forward. Get screens and controller boards, trim the tabs and other non essential metal from the edges to get almost edge to edge display placement and then mount them to a slightly angled back plane to have to sides wrap in ever so slightly. 

Would there be any way of reducing the potential cable nightmare this would create? Good cable management and zip ties will go a long way but anything more you guys could come up with?


Now I know this is probably more than a little stupid and it is most definitely out side my budget but the tinkerer inside me wants to know if this is possible. It is all pie in the sky and not actually going to be put into practice, at least not by me in any reasonable time frame, it is just a hypothetical.

I look forward to hearing what you have to say on this, good or bad. 

EDIT: I know PCs are not even up to running 4k at any decent rate yet and Crossfire/SLi set ups bring their own level of complexity to the fray I am thinking on a future date level, 3 or so years away. Better GPUs and Crossfire support so on. I am also aware that by the point the hard ware catches up there will be far better and cheaper screens available, probably even 21:9 4k screens. So this is not some thing that is probably ever going to happen but it is a nice thinking piece in my head at the moment.

I will also point out here that this idea was formulated over 2 hours of idle thought and some quick, sparse research, so I have probably missed some fairly important details.

Yeah thats pretty much what I was thinking about. I know there were things like the 7870 Eyefinity 6 that rocked 6 mini displayports on board but then it is only a 7870 and would not beable to push a 6000x3000 display at any decent rate. Especially with things like the R9 295x2 not running high frame rates in a lot of 4K games at high detail. 

Another thing I was thinking about now is even with an Eyefinity 6 card would it be better performance wise to run 3 displays from one card and 3 from a second?

While still a product of my imagination it would be a gaming thing. Maybe not focused on but but certainly used for. 

oh lawd jesus, this should be a thing

If I had the monetary funding to make it happen there would be pictures already. On the other hand it is completely insane and if I had the money I would probably just buy sensible equipment. 

But you wouldn't really be able to take advantage of a large resolution on such a small array would you?


It would probably work just fine

These are the things I am wondering about. Just gathering knowledge rather than looking to do a practical build.