5G Internal Connection

So 5G just became available in my area, and it’s 10x better than what I currently have.

I’ve pulled the trigger and it’s coming tomorrow, but I’ve got a few servers here that I haven’t been able to make available online due to low upload speed.

Sounds like with 5G that won’t be my problem anymore, but now it’s port-forwarding.

I’ve got Private Internet Access with a VPN setup with portforwarding for downloading linux iso’s.
I’ve also got a server in the cloud that I could use if that’s any use.

So the question is, Can I/how can I make my servers and network available over the internet on 5G?

Perhaps you might like to post the model of 5G modem you have ordered, for people to give advice on?

Iirc, 5G is still pretty new, so not sure how many people have static routers using 5G.

I have heard of people having issues with some “mi fi” devices and tethering, but there seems to be work arounds

Available to you, or available to others?

If only available to you, try tailscale or zerotier… they punch nats for you, so you don’t have to.

Here’s the router.

Available to you, or available to others?

Available to me mainly, but I’ve got a jellyfin server that I wouldn’t mind sharing.