5900x vs 5800x3D for Gaming and Home Lab

I am trying to determine which upgrade path makes the most sense.

My current setup:

R7 3800x
1440p Monitor @ 144hz
Also have Valve index for VR (two screens at 1440 x 1600 @ 144z)
GTX1080 (Note I will be upgrading to a top of the line 40 series or RX7000 series card once they come out)

I am looking to build another AM4 system for my home lab. Currently in Canada land the 5800x3D and the 5900x are the same price $500 CAD.

Now I can either grab a 5800x3D and throw it in my gaming rig and use the old 3800x for my home lab, or keep on using my 3800x in my gaming rig and throw a 5900x into my home lab.

I am curious what people think is the better value, is the gaming performance bump of the 5800x3D over the 3800x worth it over more cores in the home lab? Keep in mind I will be pairing either of these will a top of the line next gen GPU.

5900X games very well but not as well as 5800X3D which is sometimes a lot better.
However 5900X does everything else far better.

I would suggest that you use your best CPU in your gaming machine and put the RYZEN 7 3800X in your server and set it up for ProxMox.
You can install ProxMox onto a pair of USB3 sticks then use an SSD for your VMs. When you need storage add some matching hard drives and use ProxMox ZFS.

You will actually squeeze quite a bit more performance from your gaming machine simply by fitting a 5800X3D or 5900X. Then when you get a new GPU then you won’t be bottlenecked by your CPU, which you are currently a little.

The 5800X3D is the way to go in your gaming system. Unless you have a need for extra CPU power, the 3800X would be fantastic for a tinkering machine.

really depends which is more important. Gaming, or your homelab? 5900x is some 20~70% faster than 3800x depending on thread scaling? 5800X3D is some 20~50% faster than 3800x depending on the game?

There’s a reason they’re priced so close together. 5900x has 50% more cores and probably 40% more raw compute, but that 200% more cache per CCD and 50% more cache overall for the 5800X3D is really valuable in some cases. Most software will behave more like the 5800X has 3x the cache of the 5900x than won’t, tbqh, since inter-ccd latency is so high.