Trying to sell either one of these. The 5830 is the HIS version and runs just fine. The 5850 has a crappy paint job (lol) but also runs fine. It's an actual radeon card. If anyone offered 100 dollars for either card, that would be amazing. I'll get some pictures in soon. 

Anyone? I'm trying to get money for my new mobo and processor (lol)

I would have, but I''m poor and not 'mercan

No worries. The 5830 is probably going to be sold to my friend. 5850 up for grabs i guess.

Is the 5850 red? I will give you a 7850 for it if the card has NO red on it.

It's currently spraypainted. The only red on it is on the fan, which is on the underside of the card.

It has a black and grey "pounded metal" finish. If you want, I can even remove the shroud, sand it, and repaint it to the color of your choice. I'm interested in a 7850.