5820k voltages

I've just 'upgraded' my machine from an E5 2603 Xeon I got very cheaply (under £100) to a 5820k..

I've had three 5820k to choose from as a local business my friend owns has upgraded their machines to something (not sure what).

I've got a Noctua NH-U14s ina Fractal R5 on an Asrock Extreme 6, with 32gb Kingston Hyper X Fury ram, 2666.

The first chip was reluctant to do 4.2 on anything under 1.3v and was going over 75 degrees on Intel burn test then failing after about 7 or 8 minutes.

The second would do 4.3 at 1.24 volts but Windows was being weird...hard to describe....sort of pausing and icons fading away.

The last chip...so far i've got it to 4.3 at 1.129 volts and have the multiplier at 43 and the cache ratio at 33. It is getting about 1285 in Cinebench R15 and passing numerous runs of Intel burn in...it never goes over 68 even after ages today...outside temp is 26 degrees C.

Has anyone else seen such a low voltage on a 5820k and there seems to be a massive disparity amongst the 'quality' of these chips....I can't find anyone on the net via Google who has this OC on such low volts ?!

I'm at 4.5Ghz @ 1.3V won't do 4.6 for anything, even at 1.4V.


I've not tried that much yet...prob needs a whopping increase over 4.3.

Yeah, if you have TDP headroom than why not?

I'm trying 4.5 at 1.2 with stuff like Cinebench...seems ok...hits 71 degrees, gets 1333. Will try Intel Burn in.

No crashes or lock ups and Cache is at 34 too.

My sample is only 1 5820k :) but I have taken it down to 1.10v @ 4.125GHz but as the first two Gigabyte motherboards have been RMA'd due to just simply dying completely with zero warning. I've just left the 3rd at 4.25GHz @ v1.2 which was the recommended settings for a basic OC from the company that supplied the pre-OC bundle.