5820k and Asus x99 issue


I have had my new 5820K and Asus X99 mobo for over 2 months now and from the set off I have had constant issues overclocking and just generally playing around with the settings... i have tried updating the bios and using the default it just constantly blue screens... have finally got it running stably last month.. but if try and change an settings it just wont boot at all.

• try and use auto overclock - crash
• Use Eco mode - crash
• change default numlock state - crash
• change bootdrive - crash
• Overclock by 1% - crash
• I have had to reduce the Bus speed down from 120 - 100 to keep idle temps below 45! now sites at stock with Bus Speed at 100 below 40 which I prefer. (i like nice low idle temps although I know this is a big powerful chip)

The thing is I dont know what I can say to asus RMA as if I cant overclock without crashing they will just say you shouldnt overclock ?

I'm not bothered about overclocking really as it is a 6 core and tubo's nicely and maintains good temps but im also thinking I have a x99 chip here that im not using to its fullest!

Really I'm just concerned if I need to fix/diagnose my computer its going to be really hard with this mobo that doesnt seem happy with any changes...

I have had similar problems (not heat issues, make sure an optimal amount of reputable thermal paste is applied and your cooler is mounted correctly)
My problems resolved in changing the RAM from XMP and reseating my CPU. I would play with the RAM settings turn on/off XMP, try lower frequencies, play with RAM and system agent voltage (if you know what you're doing).

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Yeah done the above... still issues :/

Also try clearing CMOS and using the MEM-OK button to be sure your hardware is being detected correctly

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I will take a look at this and report back

Just be sure you reenter the time and date in the bios👍

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Which x99 board do you have? Have you flashed the BIOS? If you got an early rev board, many of those BIOSes were pretty fidgety in their earlier revisions.

X99 deluxe, yeah tried that :/

Have you tried using AI Suite? The Deluxe is a solid board, on a 5820k, you should be able to just set it to 4.2GHz without even touching the voltage (in MOST cases).

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I haven't got that yet... just been using bios to tweak (or trying to) downloading it now and will try

I had a similar issue with a Gigabyte board a while ago.
As soon as I enabled overclocking, even if it was set to a 0% overclock or even an underclock, it'd fail to start. Spent days trying to work out what was going wrong.

Turned out to be an incompatibility with my video card at the time. Motherboard worked fine with any other model, and the video card worked fine with other motherboards, and the video card worked fine with this motherboard - until I enabled clock frequency adjustments then bam. Drove me nuts.

Might not be relevant here, but just sharing for information's sake.

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Yeah, I had the same issue with my X99 UD3. The gigabyte windows app would allow me to overclock, but even an underclock in the bios would crash the machine.

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No that's great, thanks for sharing! :)

Tried reseating your CPU?

Yeah a few times

Hey thanks!! AI suite has totally optimzed my PC got a 30% overclock to 4.4ghz! it tried 4.5 and crashed so seemed to take it down a notch! now all my case fans are optmized and quiet too, still running at idle below 40 which is generally my aim, I would like to fix the mobo issues and manually overclock, but for now this is great. 30% more performance is always welcome!