5800x strange tempretures

Running OCCT 7.1.0 small data set, avx2. I’m getting 80c when running the full 16 threads which is fine. But when i run 4 threads i get 92c max and 6 threads gets up to 95c. Then 8 threads and up is normal again and under 80c.

This is all with stock motherboard settings on a asus x570 Strix-f with the latest bios i can see on the asus site. I also asked a friend who also got a 5800x and he is getting the same behavior.

Anyone have any idea whats going on with it.

When u use less cores its boosting higher. I have the same thing on 2700x.

Depends where temp sensors are placed.

Its supposed to thermal throttle at 90c right? Its not doing that. So i think there is something strange going on.

tjmax is 95°C

Its 95 on the 5600x the others were 90 i thought. Well it says 90 in my ryzen master anyway.

I also manage to get it to go to 100c so something was not working properly with the default bios settings. So i went and looked in the bios and set all the asus performance enhancing features to normal/ disabled instead of auto and now its working as expected and wont go over 90c.

Its kind of worrying though that they had thermal throttling disabled by default with the way these chips keep pushing voltage till they hit the thermal limit.

What cooler do you have? Is it making good contact? (although that doesn’t seem to be the origin of the problem)

ASUS has been pretty awful for ryzen since zen2. I’ve all but sworn them off.

I have a 360mm rad on the cpu running with low fan speeds. Normally runs in the 70s low 80s in less ridiculous workloads. I was expecting it would probably hit the max temp with small data set avx2 because of the way they boost but going over that made me think maybe the cpu had something wrong with the boost profile or something.

But no it was just the usual poorly implemented asus bios features going wrong.

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