~$550 - MMO Gamer - What to upgrade?!

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PC upgrade question, let's go!

Cut down:


I play MMO games a lot (mostly WoW), I hardly play any other games, sometimes some GTA, no FPS games at -all-.

Got $550 to spend on PC upgrades, doesn't have to be the PC itself, but I wanna know what I should go for to simply enhance my experience, based on what I have now, and my needs (multitasking, productivity, WoW, theorycrafting WoW..)

Current specs:

i7-2600 (non-K)

AsRock Z77 Extreme4

EVGA GeForce GTX 660 Ti SuperClocked (solid overclock on it too)

Define R4

HyperX 3K

WD Black 1TB



BenQ XL2410T for main monitor, TN panel.

AOC 2440 (shittiest monitor evarh) for a secondary monitor.


Zowie EC1 (non-EVO, without the rubberized stuff in the sides)

Razer Kraken Pros (got em through a gift card sue me) - integrated audio on the budget-ey mobo (ew).

Razer BlackWidow (needed something rugged, and with Blue switches).

Blue Snowball microphone.'


Question goes, what will enhance my PC usage/experience the most, what will make me the most happy, and if I get an upgraded monitor (likely an AOC 21:9 one, or one of the 1440p eBay ones you reviewed, will my 660 Ti be able to run WoW on that? (It does 1080p well, not sure bout adding 700k pixels with an ultrawide, or even more with a 1440p)


A very high-end 1080p IPS monitor.

A GTX 770 (Lightning Edition)

A Haswell jump (4670k and a solid ASUS mobo)

One of those 2560x1440 monitors from Korea (and can the 660 Ti handle WoW at that? Also which one of 'em?)

A super-widescreen monitor (one of those 2560x1080 ones)

A high-end soundcard and some other headphones? (I like music a lot, don't care much for game sound)


Thanks for reading I love y'all.

Anyone else feel free to answer too, I just wanna rub shoulders with the giants so I posted it here.


Well lets see you don't need to upgrade your CPU or GPU they're more than enough for WoW you can easily get a higher resolution monitor and run WoW no problem hell you could probably get a 4k monitor and still run WoW just fine :p What you can do is get a good soudcard and get better hearphones. The next thing is a mouse with multiple buttons on it like a razer naga could be helpful for WoW. Now I'm not sure what monitor you should get but a 1440p one will be just fine.

For just WoW, I would probably just upgrade your monitor. There's really no reason to upgrade your CPU though. Upgrading your graphics card might help with a 1440p monitor, but a GTX 660TI should be good enough for WoW.

Like themartonfi said, you could always get a Razer Naga or Logitech G600. Both would be really great mice for MMO's.

As far as sound cards go, you could always grab an ASUS Xonar Phoebus.

You could even pick up a Killer Nic card. It's not necessary, but if you're really extreme about WoW, then you would at least know you're getting the least amount of lag possible.

I would be inclined to spend some money on headphones, a sound card(or a dac), and an amp. Probably a 1440p monitor, as well, or instead of the audio stuff.

Hey guys, been looking around, and for the money, the Yamakasi Catleap 2560x1440 monitor on eBay seems reasonable, been spending hours staring at reviews and stuff, and it's like $150 cheaper than the super-widescreen here in Denmark (ofc you lose some features),  but in general the 1440p monitors I can get seem to be better (as monitors) than the 21:9 AOC (cheapest 21:9 monitor that I could find, also the only one to fit my budget). I've never seen an IPS panel in actuality before, so I am pretty stoked.

Still wondrous as to what korean monitor to get, though. I'd prefer some kind of quality, and I'll pay a "premium" for that (still dirt cheap though, sub $500), we'll see.


21:9 monitors i feel are way to overpriced still $450ish you can get 3 matching 1080p's for that 1440p's are sweet for around $300 there worth it.If you like BenQ XL2410T just get 2 more.

Think I'll be going for this:



Spent hours researching on those last night, I'm paying a $250 premium for the whole OC panel thing (some go above 130hz), not sure if that's worth it (as I could go with a cheaper version of the same monitor and get a soundcard, too, probably a Xonar STX).


No way I'm getting those two BenQ's, though, as a single one is $470 here in Denmark. ;P