550 Dollar Gaming PC- Will it work?

Can you please tell me if this computer will work if I build it.

Corsair Carbide Series SPEC-01 Mid Tower Gaming Case CC-9011050-WW by Corsair $49.99
AMD FD6350FRHKBOX FX-6350 FX-Series 6-Core Black Edition by AMD $129.99
Mother Board:
ASUS Micro ATX DDR3 2400 NA Motherboard A58M-E by Asus $59.99
Sapphire Radeon R7 260X 2GB GDDR5 HDMI/DVI-I/DP OC Version PCI-Express Graphics Card 11222-06-20G by SAPPHIRE $119.99
WD Blue 1 TB Desktop Hard Drive: 3.5 Inch, 7200 RPM, SATA 6 Gb/s, 64 MB Cache - WD10EZEX by Western Digital
Kingston HyperX FURY 8GB Kit (2x4GB) 1600MHz DDR3 CL10 DIMM - Blue (HX316C10FK2/8) by Kingston Technology $74.99
Power Supply:
Corsair Builder Series CX 430 Watt ATX/EPS 80 PLUS certified Power Suppy by Corsair $39.99

Total Price: $534.18
Total Price w/ Shipping: $587.34


Please use PC Part Picker in the future. Makes it much easier.

That is an okay build but you can get so much more for your money.


This will be much better.


My laptop was a $180 and my Desktop is from 2000. Also sorry about it being all jumbled up. This is the first time I'm building a PC. 


with this u can in the future buy an aftermark cpu cooler like this


and overclok

That Gigabyte motherboard is crap. I wouldn't trust it even at stock speeds with an FX6300 let alone overclocking. Stay away. The M5A97 R 2.0 from Asus is much better.

The Barracuda drives are meh. The WD drives are more reliable and for $2 more they are worth it.

The case is subjective but I know the NZXT is a very good case as I have used one before.

430W is not enough power. While yes it is fine for the 270 he won't be able to upgrade his GPU without replacing the PSU. Spend a little more now anf get a 500 or 600 watt PSU.


though I'm not a big fan of Powercolor GPU cooling in your build... I dunno if I can cheapify it to $550 either... my advice... get the Sapphire or Asus 270 and go with DerKreiger's build... it might cost an extra $50 over budget, but it REALLY IS worth it...

I actually was a little leery about the Power Color unit myself but I bought one for myself a few days ago. Had it for a while now and it isn't bad at all. Card runs nice and cool and isn't really that loud. When gaming the fan ramps up but you really can't hear it over the speakers and at idle it is pretty quiet.

GA-970A-UD3P has a digi+ 8+2 power phase VRM system.  Should be able to handle most 8 cores just fine.

+1 on WD drives.

yea but... that damn BIOS... eww... it's worth $25 just to not have to deal with the BIOS :P