$530 Budget Gaming Rig, including a new Monitor!

I just ordered the last part, my CPU! Ended up going with the 6350 instead of the 6300, as it was on sale on Newegg for $120, which is the same as the 6300..so why not.




The CPU Cooler and Thermal Paste were gifts from my brother, that's why I listed them as $0, I intended to just use the stock cooler as I'm on a budget, but when my brother heard this he bought these for me, along with the thermal paste saying I should do it myself for experience :) (this is my first build).


All the other prices are custom put in at what I got them for. I started this build in October and have slowly been accumulating the parts, saving up money and waiting for good deals.


I got everything on sale.


The MOBO I got for $40 on sale, the HDD for $40, the case for $30, the PSU for $25, the RAM for $48, and the GPU and CPU for $120 each.

I also got the best deal in my opinion on the monitor. Don't let looks fool you, this isn't a crappy TN monitor, it's a 21.5" 1080p IPS Dell! I got it refurbished, but it is brand new in the packaging, no marks or anything, and came with all proper cables and all. The picture is beautiful and I love it :)


I'm pretty proud of myself on this build, I think I got the best bang for my buck I could. I was on a tight budget, as I"m only 14 and had to save up my own money to get this. I ended up going half and half with my dad on the entire thing as an early Christmas present, so I'm thankful for that.


The only thing I think I could have done better on is the GPU. I regret jumping on it so early, as there were some really good sales near Black Friday on 7870 GHZ's for like $110. However, I did get the MSI Twin Frozr version of my card, which I think is the best one. It will OC like a beast and be quiet :)


All in all I can't wait for my CPU to come in so I can put this bad boy together. I've had all the other boxes just lying in wait for the CPU, now I can finally take them all out and put it all together. I have quite the backlog of games I couldn't play before either to play now. Sleeping Dogs, Crysis 2, Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon, and I just got Battlefield 4 for $20 yesterday on the deal that was posted here!

Its pretty important to get a decent PSU and while your PSU isnt bad, its not 80+ Bronze, which is what you should be looking for.

Also, if your going to be gaming.. Please try to use Ethernet cable over wifi, please.


As a last note, im not sure of prices as im in the UK, but take a look at getting a better graphics card if you can. As a general rule, you want to spend more on your GPU than your CPU, and in this case they cost the same. Try looking at the 660/660ti or the 7870/7950 but this really depends on your budget.

Nice monitor for the price.

I use wifi because Ethernet isn't really viable in my apartment, I'd have to run the cable throughout the apartment and that's just not gonna happen. I've been using wifi in my current setup and can play CSGO and other online games fine, I have good internet and generally get around 50 ping in-game connected to servers, and 10 on speedtest.net


The GPU was the best bang for the buck I could fit in my budget. It should last me for a year or two before I think about upgrading it. I should be able to run BF4 at a mix of high and ultra settings based on other people's performance at a playable 50-60 fps :) I'm happy with that.


Also I thought my PSU *was* 80+ Bronze..oh well. I think I'll be fine with the components I have.