525$ pc build for gaming

hello :D

I dont know much about pc,s so ill let yall guys go at it, i want to play any game like bf3, bf4, far cry 3 on ultra or a mix of high and medium setting on 1080p, i want the apsolute best gaming pc for the price shown above, and if possible i would like to record for youtube a little to if possible, like i said i would really like this to be good and playable for a year or two on games if possible, Thanks :D

I say throw an extra $38 at it and have a real gamer with OC potential



Prob the best you'll get. Decent CPU. Decent GPU. Should be able to max most games at 1080p. 

You'll be able to do some OCing as well. 

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Like Ratzzz's build but if i was going to amd budget scream for mercy this is what i would do ............http://pcpartpicker.com/user/Freaksamcker/saved/jKBypg   Well, that and i have many times. Motherboard is pretty stripped down but usable. Onboard sound is not awesome but will get you by. Mb will handle a modest overclock.( for a 6core. 8core will kill it) Ssd is a must. This one is small and you will have to manage it. Worth every dollar. Cheapest 280 on the market atm. should give you much smoother gaming exp at 1080p when pitted against a 270 270x.Here is my opinion. Save an extra 100 to 200 dollars. It will make a world of difference in your build and the quality of the components. You can do a five hundred dollar build the tradeoffs start becoming painful.


You can upgrade the processor to an i5 when needed, as we paid a little more for a better mobo. A mechanical hard drive can also be added. 

"Prob the best you'll get. Decent CPU. Decent GPU. Should be able to max most games at 1080p. "

No. Go watch austin evan's video.