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50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 mission


Growing up in this period was a joy and a disappointment.
Joy in what we were able to accomplish
Disappointment when my country seemed to have given up on space.
Between Apollo and The Shuttle was a rough time for space enthusiasts, after Apollo it just seemed we would go to Mars.

This topic is open to ALL aspects of looking back on this event.
As the entire world was watching Neil Armstrong step into history back at NASA people started to ask, “What retard decided on a B+W low quality camera was a good idea?”
After reading what the engineers went through on my beloved Long Island went through to get the weight down it makes sense from an engineering sense. Grumman engineers suffered an insane divorce rate to make JFK’s deadline.

Did we go?
Yes, no doubt about it, Last night coast to coast Am had the author of a book called “Did We Go”
Do people who believe we did not have the right to contribute to this thread?
Absolutely…I will even like your posts/
If you get triggered when your beliefs get attacked or challenged your beliefs may be the problem, this has been true since Adam and Eve got booted from The Garden.

During the 70’s Pioneer and Voyager re-ignited interest in Space Exploration. I still remember being enthralled at the pictures of Jupiter and Saturn in the Magazines available and reading that in year so and so I would get to see Saturn. Until then the best view of these planets were from the 200 inch Hale telescope built in the 30’s.
Quite a bit different then watching New Horizons launch and hoping I don’t croak in the next 17 years.

So feel free to post your fav books, views, discussions how it changed your life.
Anyone saying “Gee my Dad wasn’t even born then!” will be shot :slight_smile:



The Food aspect:

Me and my brother made Mom buy Tang, it was possibly the most disgusting powdered drink invented. It was gross.

What is that??? Will Steve1989 do a video of this? Will he get sick?


I was 7 years old at the time. I don’t really remember the event. I do remember being disappointed when they stopped the Apollo missions.



Neither do I, In the box of “family photo’s” is a pic my dad took of the TV screen and I remember the 13 mess. The cartoons on the news about how the astonauts would have to use the LEM to get back. I also remember seeing the LEM take off from the moon in color. And the moon buggy on TV.
I also remember building models with my brother of the Command module, Service module and the LEM. That stupid little antenna on the LEM always leaned a bit before the glue got hard.
I never imagined 50 years later I would be reading about an indian mission to the moon on a russian website.



Was reading about apollo on the weekend.

Apparently Apollo 8 one of the crew was sick, both vomiting and diarrhoea, and they had to basically scoop up floating globules of both shit and vomit in the early days of the mission. Supposedly/possibly space sickness - the first person susceptible to it.

Not fun stuff, and despite that they accomplished their goals.

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Except abot a floating turd.^
Lovell wrote about it in “Lost Moon” that was in my local library.
Other article about Nixon’s speech if things went wrong on 11.
The article says they left it to save weight, I think they left it because eventually the Russians would make it to the moon.
“Comrade what’s this?”
“Could be important, let’s open it!”