$50CAD 87 Key RGB Programmable Keyboard with "Mechanical" Switches. Could it be?

Those are clicky blue switches. In india(my location) we get a 30$ cherry mx blue keyboard,not kidding you can look it up on amazon its called the "TVS bharat gold keyboard" Whenever these corporations buy switches they do so in bulk this its way cheaper for them per switch.

yeah lol

if you hate clicks than the Outemo/gateron blues are even worse, and even worse than that are IBM springs lol


True that,they are so annoying,my cherry blue keyboard is gathering dust,gotta sell it soon.

Any good outemu blue switch keyboards over in India?

yeah, i used my Redragon K552 for a long time but just switched back to my old school MX Black keyboard because i do streaming and stuff, also the early 90's MX switches are best
the Redragon has Gateron blues which feel great for typing but LOUDDDDD

The blues switches in this $50 keyboard have about the same feel, but a completely different, much more annoying sound, compared to my Cherry Blue keyboard.

We meet again. My old nemesis - noise... I'm the dude with 19dBA system noise and 11 fans in the system...
Death to the noise in all it's forms...

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Nope,just the chinese crap,you can only find a $30 cherry mx board though,search the term "TVS BHARAT GOLD KEYBOARD".

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Hi! I have the same keyboard but I can't find the software. could you upload your copy somewhere for us? :slight_smile:

PM'ed you it. Going to ask the mods if I can include a download link of the software in my full review of it, since I can't locate it on the internet.

I got the keyboard like a month ago and have searched everywhere for the software for the last month. could you please PM it to me or let me know where I can find it? I also installed some cheap O ring's I bought on ebay too sounds much better a lot quieter.