500 pounds gaming build

hi all, im putting together a gaming machine for my friend, on a very tight budget, 500 is the most it can be and it needs to include everything thats in the build i post (screen, mouse,ect)

see what you can make, thanks



You've done a good job...only thing I'd change is drop the ram to 4gb and spend the reserve on my GPU

if i did do that what i saved wouldn't get me anything better then a 7850..

You could drop to a 450 watt PSU as well...

ya get the xfx 450 and save a little but other then that it looks great maybe a 7850 2gb if you can fit it in

Also whilst pcpart picker is a great resource for actually choosing your bits and pieces, you can usually find the parts at lower prices. Have a gander round before you make any purchases.

i will drop the PSU to 450 and i will be looking around, i just wanted to get a good idea as to what i can get for the money, wont be getting any parts until summer, thanks


First thing I thought..."Wow, that's heavy.".