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"$500" ish ISD VR build

So I have a main gaming rig thats been doing double duty as my VR PC. I have been hunting for a good deal to get me started on a dedicated VR machine as my PC gaming and VR spaces are in differecnt locations of my house. Well I think I found it. I got a used Ryzen 1600 with a AB350 Pro4 board for $90. This plus RAM, case, cheap SSD and I am just under $300. I already have a extra monitor, wifi card, keyboard, mouse and power supply.

Question is do I go for a used RX 580, Fury or Vega 56 for it? I am using a 1st gen HTC Vive now. We play a mix of VR games in the house but none seem like they would be too demanding. With VR is the 4GB of VRAM on a Fury going to limit the PC? Is a used Vega 56 for abount $225 worth it in a post RX 5700 2019? Sould I get the 580 and just expect to upgrade when I get a new HMD?


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280$ is brand new with warranty and everything. So 225 is maybe not that great of a price. On the other hand RX 5700 is faster, uses less power, have more Vram, that is going to be more or less important. You kinda run 2 separate monitors - one for each eye, and on top of that, you have a separate monitor monitor, so more Vram - the better. Not really for rendering, but for buffering frames.
Basically if you can squeeze 5700 in the budget - go for it. Otherwise go for the best GPU you can afford. You kinda need the highest framerates possible, or be prepare to kinda vomit a lot…

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Hi OP, welcome to the forum, Here’s hoping you get some good advice on how much GPU you need!

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Not bad.

  • R9 Fury/Fury X is a 4GB card, wich will probably come back to bite you. [Note: I am in the process of replacing my Fury with a 5700XT because I am out of VRAM at times.
  • 580 8GB could work maybe.
  • Vega 56/64 should work, both can be found for cheap now.
  • If you can squeeze in a 5700 or maybe find a used 1080/1080ti for cheap, will give you the best experience.

Both have 8GB?

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Yes, that is true, but:

My point was 5700 have more Vram than those 4GB, but I agree my answer was unclear.

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